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This was the only day that Kazuki had the chance to find some time alone for himself. He had always been with his bodyguard Jubei all the time since childhood, and it is rare that he gets to be alone. He even had to persuade Jubei to let him have the time off for himself, and in return, he promised him that he won't let anything bad happen just to reassure Jubei.

Kazuki took at stroll around Kotou City, and had a great time just looking at the tall skyscrapers that surrounding the busy city, though at certain times of the day he felt alone, and wanted Jubei to be with him.

As he continued to walk around, he saw a small pathway that looked like a dark alley. From outside, he heard two people talking about an evil organization. Out of dire curiosity, Kazuki decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. Drawing out a fine string, the brunette silently attached it to a strategic location within the alley, hoping to discover any precious information for his own knowledge.

Kazuki widened his eyes as he heard the contents of the conversation. From what the two men had said, an evil organization, Akatsuki, is in a war against another organization called Shoken and is planning to destroy Kotou City at the same time. The brunette narrowed his eyes as a thought crossed his mind.

These people are going to destroy Kotou City, he thought, getting more curious.

As an Annaiya (Guiding Agent/Informer), he has to know what is going on in his area. It also meant he had a lot of contacts to ask information from. Withdrawing his strings almost immediately after the conversation had ended, he left the dark alley and started gathering information about what these secret organizations are about.

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