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anime rp - Apocalypse

A new crossover anime RPG based on the plot of X/1999. Members needed!

Multi-Fandom Anime Roleplay {MEMBERS NEEDED}
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(Based partly on the plot of X/1999 by CLAMP. The setting for the RP is also quite similar to X's. Magic is used.)

It is the year 1999.

Kotou is your average modern city. Kotou High and Kotou College have been built there, and the famous Onmyou-Douji Hotel is located there as well. The central area, full of skyscrapers, is the busiest, where traffic congestion is very common. The surrounding area is quieter, while some small squatter settlements exist on the outskirts. Class discrimination is present. Thousands of people flock into Kotou each day from the run-down neighbouring city of Xi-an, unaware of the danger and the unrest going on beneath the surface. The citizens of Kotou themselves are either fully unaware of what is going on, or they feign ignorance about everything. For ignorance is the best way to avoid the wrath of the Akatsuki...

At the turn of the century, something great is taking plalce in the very heart of Kotou. An epic war waged between the secret organisations Shoken and Akatsuki is about to rise to the surface. Most of Kotou's inhabitants live in complete oblivion of this conflict - the outcome of which will shake Kotou and ultimately the rest of the planet as well.

For the evil Akatsuki has plans to destroy the world - and the persisten Shoken members will go to any lengths to stop them. And aside from eliminating all members of the opposition, both parties also strive to discover the deadly secret that the other side is harbouring. When the missing puzzle piece for either side is located and the Secret is 'unlocked', powers greater than anything imaginable on this eart willlbe unleashed...

What will become of our world as we know it?

The fate of the world rests on you, the roleplayer...

(Note: Life goes on as normal for both the goodies and the baddies - on the surface. So, in all aspects, this is really just your not-so-average modern day RP.)

In-depth information on Shoken, Akatsuki and their Secrets
Information on characters crucial to the storyline and how to apply for them


1. This is very basic. Please RESPECT your fellow role-players and be MATURE. CHARACTER-BASHING and FLAMING will not be tolerated.

2.Do NOT play someone's character for him/her the way you would like it to be. Let's say that you're playing Naruto and someone else is playing Sasuke, for example. DON'T post something like, "Naruto punched Sasuke in the face. Sasuke screamed loudly and, kneeling before his too-formidable foe, begged for Naruto's mercy."

3. It is a modern-day RPG, but NO guns are allowed (that'd be too easy.) No instand deaths either (without the consent of the other rper). eg. "Sasuke dealt the final Chidori to Naruto. He stood over Naruto's motionless body, his racuous laughter ringing through the night."

4. The IC community is for roleplaying only. OOC comments in there are to kept to a minimum. All OOC threads, announcements, character applications and such go into the OOC forums. We want our forums to be as organized and neat as possible.

5. Please make an effort and try to be as gramatically correct as possible, especially when IC. We would really appreciate it.

6. PLEASE READ the character information below. After your character application is approved, remember to set up a character journal and post IC as that user. Post regularly in the IC forum as well as in your character's journal!

7. EXPERIENCED RPers are MORE than welcome. When you join us, please make sure that you'll be staying with us permanently. BE ACTIVE. Please post in your character journal or in the forum at least ONCE a week. I'm sure that's not too much to ask for.

8.Finally and most importantly, have fun! If you have any queries, feel free to contact either of us mods.

Just so you know, we are...
We don't bite! :D (unless you do something which would give us a reason to...)

1.NO GOD CHARACTERS. You can't have a character who is well versed in the arts of sorcery and is excellent in martial arts and can kick real butt with the effort of lifting a finger.

2. Since this is an AU RP, you can alter your character's occupation and personality. However, don't make too many changes to a character' personality since you might as well be rping an OC otherwise.

3. Speaking of original characters... One word: NO. Your character must be from an existing anime/manga series.

4. You can have as many characters as you like, however, try not to take up the main cast of an existing anime/manga series. Leave it for other rpers. After all, you have a really wide range to choose from!

5. Anime/manga characters should retain their special abilities. For example, Tasuki's (Fushigi Yuugi) special ability as a member of the Suzaku Seishi was his incredible speed. Try to maintain it that way in the RP.

6. Please fill in all sections of the character application form in as much detail as possible. You should submit it at the OOC commuunity. Once it has been approved, you must CREATE A CHARACTER JOURNAL and when IC, post as that user.

Your Name:
Character Name:
Anime/Manga series:
(upper, middle or lower)
Area of Settlement:
(good, evil, or neutral. If your character wishes to join either Shoken or Akatsuki, please indicate so.)
Special Abilit(ies):
(in battle)
Weapon(s): (if you have one)
Other information:

(NOTE: Naruto jutsus will be a form of magic skill. For Shoken and esp. Akatsuki members, it would be good if a reason for the character's membership is stated. Also, if you wish for your character to run a bar, grocery, hotel or be the principal of Kotou High (etc), just mention it in your application and we might approve it!)

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