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anime rp - Apocalypse

A new crossover anime RPG based on the plot of X/1999. Members needed!

3/1/05 07:43 pm - half_a_dakkanya - I hope this is alright...

Hopeless But Not HelplessCollapse )

2/27/05 02:41 pm - a1999_fuuma - Kotou College...

BasketballCollapse )

2/27/05 02:39 am - a1999_muraki - Kotou College...

The doctor's officeCollapse )

2/26/05 03:08 am - doggie_ears

He hated the place.Collapse )

2/25/05 11:08 pm - a1999_subaru - Another school day...

But some people aren't quite there yet...Collapse )

1/5/05 06:32 pm - royal_love - IC:Open to everyone!

New upon the streetCollapse )

12/28/04 08:37 pm - a1999_kazahaya

These cold winter nights...Collapse )

12/26/04 11:56 pm - ___sango - Joukai

(OOC: First post in the forum! Feel free to join! X3)

After school hours, Sango works in the café, where she receives unexpected visitors...Collapse )

12/7/04 08:19 pm - fated_bliss - Welcome to Apocalypse!

Enjoy your stay! ^_^ This is where you can roleplay any character of your choice from any existing anime/manga series. Information on this modern day AU RP and the rules can be found in the community's USER INFO and the OOC Community (where you post your character applications).

Please take the time to read through the rules and information carefully before joining, and if you have any questions, you can contact the mods:


All queries can also be posted at the OOC forum.

We're really friendly and are ready to address your queries and accept our ideas for this new RP!

The community is now open, so please invite your friends to come here. ^_^
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