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The sky was cast a dull, moody grey, even as he lay perched on a branch of a large, sprawling tree. It was hardly mid-day, but yet, the imminent presence of the dark clouds could only mean one thing.

As expected, it rained a few moments later.

There were many things Inuyasha could claim that he hated and despised from the very depths of his heart. One would be the streets of Koutou. Noisy, dirt-packed streets full to brim with equally noisy people going about their daily business, some pulling carts and wagons and screaming at the occasional by-stander for nothing, some crudely singing on the pavements in desperate bids to earn some money. Life in Koutou was difficult for the under-class and the poor, especially since the city was packed with corrupt businessmen, whose very mission in life was to cheat honest, hardworking people out of their well-earned money.

However, the only thing which he both loved and hated simultaneously, was rain. Sheets of rain which seemingly poured down from the heavens, casting a grey tinge to the surrounding, dulling vibrant colours and dazzling sights. Rain was dull and depressing, which very much suited him - the best type of weather for brooding and reminiscising and generally passing time. There was hardly anything worth doing when the gods above decided to pour buckets of rain down. However, rain had always served to remind him of the old times, of the bitter-sweet days he spent frolicking with his long-dead mother, sometimes with a ball, sometimes just a game of chase if his mother could manage it.


He always wondered why rain would remind him of his mother. His memories of her, few but yet painfully bitter-sweet, was of her and her long dark hair, silky and perfumed, in the bright sunlight, smiling down at him as he hugged her middle or chased his bright ball around, laughing cheerily. Yet, he could see his mother faintly, a flickering shadow of the past, in his mind's eye, when it rained. If he thought hard enough, he could even smell her scent, her perfumed hair, in the air...

He stopped himself sharply, getting up from the branch so quickly he nearly lost his balance. Nearly. If there was one thing Inuyasha did not do, that was falling off trees. He sighed, and jumped down, quick and limber. With a shake of his head, he set off towards the streets of Koutou, even as his small, pointed dog ears flicked away the droplets of rain. And that was another aspect of rain that he hated - the amount of water which got into his ears was hardly imaginable...

Preoccupied with his thoughts as he was, he hardly noticed where he was going...
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