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No rest for the weary

A glazed look had long passed over his eyes as his head lolled to one side resting in the palm of his left hand. He'd been at this for hours, compressing files into his e-memory for several recent homicide cases. To look at him one might think him dead or tripped out save for the glowing screen before him and the web of thin wires trailing from the base of his skull to the hard drive. Then one had only to remember that he was a e-cop, enhanced with cybernetic memory, bumped back to the unit from the now supposedly disbanded Section 9 of National Security.

The computer blipped, gave a small whirr, and promptly short circuited, for the third time this month. Togusa blinked and winced, coming out of the cybernetic trance and back into the real world of his very cramped and small cubicle.

"Honto? Nani?!" he looked at his screen and cursed. "Shikusou! Not again!" He thumped a hand on the top of the monitor. "I didnt do anything this time you stupid machine! I wasnt pressing buttons or making you do things to fast and yet you explode on me again!"

His co-workers were starting to stare now. He scowled and slunk low in his chair. Reaching up a hand he carefully pushed aside his hair at the base of his neck and pulled the wires out of their ports, tossing them sullenly on the desk. He couldnt explain the computer mishaps that he seemed to be having any more than he could other odd things that seemed to happen around him lately. Like breaking glass, or making that perp smack into a wall.

With a sigh he got up, pulling on his topcoat. "Ja ne, minna." He said giving the other cops still in the office a cursory wave. He'd tell the cheif about the broken computer tomorrow. For the moment he just wanted out of here. Fresh air and some coffee. No more files. No more data.

His head ached with the computer humming and trying to come down off of its busy afternoon and the rescent surge. "Ngh. I aught to just have this removed." Too bad the surgery would probably kill him. No. Better to have it. Just in case. Just in case something should happen.

He shuffled out into the late afternoon sunshine and started for home. It felt good to be outside. He breathed in fresh air, glad to be human. Glad for all its little imperfections and idiosyncracies. The wind stirred mildly and he shuddered.

"Coffee. Right." And with that he crossed the street to the coffee shop and pushed open the door. "Konnichiwa..."
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