Taiji-ya Sango (___sango) wrote in anime_rp_1999,
Taiji-ya Sango

Open to Yuta (and anyone else, really...)

It was a day like any other. A few days had gone by since she'd last met Subaru. She still hadn't gotten the ward from him - athough thankfully no other demons had come barging into her cafe since that fateful afternoon. But neither had the taiji-ya herself recieved any news about Kohaku. These days were full of normality, something she couldn't bring herself to be content with - and yet she was, in all essence.

Today's afternoon was a little more humid than average. Sango sat behind the counter, fanning herself with a piece of paper as she frowned down at her physics notes. Another exam was coming up - and although she couldn't exactly say that she wasn't prepared for it in the least, she was worried nonetheless. Worry had its benefits in its own way. It made her push other pressing thoughts to the back of her mind, made her believe that, in this moment, she was only a college student like any other.

There was only one patron at present. She was sitting in a corner, quietly marking high school assignments while sipping at green tea. Sango thought she might know the teacher from long ago, but it didn't really matter. She bent her head once again to pore over her notes. Soon she was focused completely on her studying, until approaching footsteps informed her of another's arrival...
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