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Open to Yuta (and anyone else, really...)

It was a day like any other. A few days had gone by since she'd last met Subaru. She still hadn't gotten the ward from him - athough thankfully no other demons had come barging into her cafe since that fateful afternoon. But neither had the taiji-ya herself recieved any news about Kohaku. These days were full of normality, something she couldn't bring herself to be content with - and yet she was, in all essence.

Today's afternoon was a little more humid than average. Sango sat behind the counter, fanning herself with a piece of paper as she frowned down at her physics notes. Another exam was coming up - and although she couldn't exactly say that she wasn't prepared for it in the least, she was worried nonetheless. Worry had its benefits in its own way. It made her push other pressing thoughts to the back of her mind, made her believe that, in this moment, she was only a college student like any other.

There was only one patron at present. She was sitting in a corner, quietly marking high school assignments while sipping at green tea. Sango thought she might know the teacher from long ago, but it didn't really matter. She bent her head once again to pore over her notes. Soon she was focused completely on her studying, until approaching footsteps informed her of another's arrival...
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Today was just like the previous days; everything wasn’t right. Ever since he tried that black magic spell, everything went wrong. He could clearly remember what happened in the past few days, but being reminded of everything just made him feel sadder.

Yuta had been experiencing a lot of troubles lately, including the time when the school had punished him for using black magic. Perhaps the dark spell backfired on him…

It was late when he realized he should have followed the basic rules of witchcraft. One of the rules was strictly NOT to use black magic. But what could he do to control his dire curiosity? His dire inquisitiveness was too much for him to control.

Not only that. He wasn’t just punished right after he was found to be using forbidden spells. The fact that he was ‘forced’ to join Shoken and fight for some sort of war against Akatsuki only made matters worse.

Being involved in a war he didn’t know anything about felt more like punishment than detention, suspension and cleaning the whole classrooms for a week.

He is only a high-school student. Even though he is a top student who could do advanced witchcraft like no other, he is not supposed to be doing something like this as punishment after getting caught using black magic. Why on earth are they doing this to him?

He was relieved when the class was over. He could somehow finally get away from those ‘burdens’…

Yuta walked slowly, his hands inside the pockets of his pants, looking around as he walked around the sidewalks with a gloomy look on his face. Heavily sighing, he felt his stomach grumble, reminding him to have a meal. He stopped by a quaint café and as he looked inside, only to find out that the café didn’t have many customers, he entered the quaint café.

At least he found a place where there weren’t many people around; a place where he could temporarily rest his mind in tranquility.

Sango drew herself up from her seat behind the counter. Finally... another customer! He meant that she would have to divert her attention away from her work for a certain period of time - but hey. The teacher near her looked up a little, glancing briefly at her and at the figure in the doorway before turning back into her work. Sango pushed her bangs out of her eyes, pasting a quick smile onto her face. She called out, in as cheerful a tone as she could manage,

"Welcome to Joukai! What can I do for you?"

The boy was a high school student, who was apparently in very low spirits at that moment. He did seem like he could use a quiet, almost-empty place to clear his thoughts. Sango sighed, a little, wondering if Kohaku would look somewhat like this teenager if he were still around.
As Yuta entered the café, he looked around the almost empty place. He glanced at the girl behind the counter who was cheerfully calling out, sat on one of the booths and then again looked away from the girl. Heavily sighing, he took his hands off his pockets and placed them on the table, still not taking off the sadness in his face.

At least he found a quiet place where he could clear his thoughts. He usually hated quiet places, for he couldn’t stand the deafening silence. But now it seemed that he really needed it.

Yuta began staring down at his hands that were placed on the table. It seemed that he was too much deep on his thoughts that he faltered.
Sango's brow furrowed slightly. There were those students who came in merely for the sake of using her tables and chairs for chatting. Some did not even purchase any food or drink items. This schoolboy who'd just strolled in didn't look llike he would be buying anything soon. Sango was slightly disappointed, but she supposed it couldn't be helped. The boy looked like he'd had a horrible day. It probably wouldn't be wise to expect much from him.

Still, Sango could not resist calling out to him again. "Can I help you?" she asked. If he refused to reply again, she supposed she should just leave him be - after all, one should always respect another's privacy. She continued to watch him, her pen hovering above her paper.

Perhaps she should go over and talk to him? But what if he brushed her off? What if she was appearing too nosy? Sango's heart went out to the schoolboy, though she had no idea what he might be depressed about. Three years ago she still had a normal schoolgirl's woes. But things were completely different now. Sango sighed and glanced at the clock, watching the seconds tick by.
With a sigh he got up, pulling on his topcoat. "Ja ne, minna." He said giving the other cops still in the office a cursory wave. He'd tell the cheif about the broken computer tomorrow. For the moment he just wanted out of here. Fresh air and some coffee. No more files. No more data.

His head ached with the computer humming and trying to come down off of its busy afternoon and the rescent surge. "Ngh. I aught to just have this removed." Too bad the surgery would probably kill him. No. Better to have it. Just in case. Just in case something should happen.

He shuffled out into the late afternoon sunshine and started for home. It felt good to be outside. He breathed in fresh air, glad to be human. Glad for all its little imperfections and idiosyncracies. The wind stirred mildly and he shuddered.

"Coffee. Right." And with that he crossed the street to the coffee shop and pushed open the door. "Konnichiwa..."
Sango looked up from her text upon hearing the voice. She returned his greeting - "Good day!" Well! This new customer was definitely a contrast to the other one that still sat silently at a table, looking so sullen. As usual, though, wariness got the better of Sango (especially after the events of the past few days) and she stretched out her senses to detect anything out of the ordinary. This man seemed normal enough, though; he wasn't wearing that much of an aura.

With a smile she pulled herself to her feet. She glanced slightly towards the anguished boy in the corner before sighing inwardly and turning her attention to the newcomer. Sango spread her hands slightly in a gesture. "Have a seat," she said. "What would you like to order?"
Yuta had been quite startled in the next few seconds after hearing the restaurant door open. It seemed that there was a new customer.

Well, there had better been another customer. The girl had better been taking orders from another customer than just standing beside his table, waiting for his orders to be taken. He had somehow been 'ignoring' her. But hey...

Yuta sighed.
Sango looked up slightly as the sigh reached her ears. Oh, finally the schoolboy's attention was caught. She glanced at him, studying him intently, waiting for a response from them both.
Togusa looked over at the boy he'd not noted as he walked in and then back at the girl. "Just a cup of coffee please...black." He sat down shrugging off his coat and setting it next to him.
Sango smiled slightly as Togusa finally gave his order. She looked toward him with a nod. "Sure thing," was her reply as she bent down behind the counter to retrieve a mug. Cleansing the mug under the tap, she filled it with black coffee and in a minute she was done. Carefully, she walked over, remembering with embarassment how just a few days before she'd managed to spill hot chocolate on a customer. She set the cup of coffee down on his table.

"Hard day at work?" she asked casually.

Glancing sideways towards the silent schoolboy, she put a small smile on her face. "Would you like to have a little something?" She hoped she wasn't being too pushy or demanding.
Yuta glanced at Sango who was inquiring about what he was going to order. The smile on her face somehow lightened up Yuta's day, even for just a bit.

With a little yet warm smile, Yuta slightly turned towards the girl, facing her.

"I'll have anything," He said, smiling for a little.
Yuzuriha Nekoi had just gotten out of school and was walking around aimlessly.

'I'm bored but I don't wanna go home just yet.' she thought to herself.

*insert strange scary noise*

Yuzuriha laughed out of embarrasment as her tummy begged for food.

"Haha, guess I'm hungry too. Now let's see, where can I eat?"

Yuzu looked around and brightened up when she saw a cute looking cafe.

'Hooray! I won't starve to death after all!' She thought as she bounced towards the cafe. She walked in with her ever present smile and looked around.

'Huh, place looks dead... Oh well, better for me. This way I'll get my food faster. I hope they have strawberry cake!'

Yuzuriha went and sat at the counter when a thought occured to her.

'Maybe the reason this place is so dead is 'cuz the food sucks? Shoot. What do I do now? It'd probably be too rude to just walk out now. Agh! What to do, what to do? *sighs* Ok, just stay calm, positive and try and give this place a chance before you get all judgy Yuzu.'