_____ranma (_____ranma) wrote in anime_rp_1999,

entering Kotou

Looking at the passing scenery Ranma began to wonder if he will ever find the cure to his curse, or if he would return to Akane still sex changing freak. He knew akana did not really care about the curse but he felt she deserved a full man all the time. Well at least he lost the amazons and the rest of the wrecking crew for now. Hopefully Akane could have some peace and quit at college. Just then he realized that the train was starting to enter the city. Now what stop did Nabiki say the college was at. Oh well I will look around the city for a little bit. What was the name of this city again Kyoto, no, oh yea it was Kotou. Well I hope there ware some good fighters in this city otherwise this is going to be a boring year. Ranma begins to jump further up the train become a red and black blur to most peoples eyes. Ranma sees a stop that looks promising with a lot of students hanging out. ranma jumps off the train and on to the stop. He then stops to brush off some dust and looks up to find every one staring at him. "What you never seen any jump from the top of a moving train?" The people look a little shocked at this statement. "Whatever" Ranma walks off up the street. Wondering if he should have ridden in the train instead of on top of it.
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