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Okita sighed as he closed the door of his car. He had instructed the chaffeur to drop him off blocks away from his new college. It would attract too much attention if he was dropped off right in front of the school, after all this was his first day. Not that he cared much anyway since he didn't even know the name of school. Besides, it wasn't like he couldn't walk, he had feet for crying out loud. He only came here because his parents said so, not because he wanted to. And these were the same parents who forced him to ride the car in going to school instead of walking because it was "too far". Okita prferred walking over riding a car especially when the breeze was beginning to pick up. And about the new school... he would prefer the silent atmosphere of a dojo over the noisy atmosphere of a school, anytime.

He gripped his shinai case tightly. His shinai was his best friend, and it was his only companion throughout his whole childhood. He had spent his childhood alone in the dojo practicing with his shinai, instead of playing around with kids his age. The overwhelming wealth of his family had caused his peers to become cautious of him, and because of that he spent his childhood alone, and in the company of his bamboo sword.

So now, even to school, he had his shinai with him. And if there wasn't a kendo club in this school, he would leave immedieately and return to having a private tutor in the comfort of his home. His parents didn't care anyway as long as he had an education and not shame the family name.

He sighed again as he finally began his slow walk towards the school. He had a feeling that this was going to be a long day
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