Tsuzuki Asato (__tsuzuki) wrote in anime_rp_1999,
Tsuzuki Asato

“Nice!” Tsuzuki exclaimed, grinning at his delectable parfait that was on his table. “A tasty Choco-banana split with hot fudge sundae on a soft, strawberry chiffon cake. Delicious!”

Tsuzuki was so delighted at his dessert, that his mouth almost drooled as he stared at the parfait as it was slowly melting. He was so happy to be able to eat sweets at this time, even though he already had more than enough problems these few days that he must solve, not to mention the increasing tension between Shoken and Akatsuki...

After quickly grabbing his spoon, he eagerly scooped in deep into the chocolate ice cream and ate the scooped ice cream. He followed it by more deep scoops, thus devouring the dessert.

He was only happy when he ate the dessert... It was the only time he could be free from everything--his burdens, his doubts, his problems, his tasks, and most especially, Hisoka.

He already knew that he could never be truly happy. Since he became a ‘Shinigami’ he had become a very melancholic person. He can still be cheerful at some times though, whenever he eats sweets...or whenever he helps people, which makes him feel good.

Tsuzuki finished devouring his sweets in no time. He wanted to ask for more, but suddenly he was reminded of his tasks and paperwork in JuChoOh and in Kotou City Police Department. After resting for a while, he finally left the quaint cafe he was in, and first went to Kotou City Police Department...to check out what is new in the busy city.
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