in_that_sleep (in_that_sleep) wrote in anime_rp_1999,

The click of boots on concrete echoed through the empty alleyway as the sound followed a tall man clad in black. One gloved hand gripped a wide-brimmed hat against a brief gust of wind and he looked up. Three young men had blocked off his exit.

They cannot possibly be serious... The largest flicked out a knife, the others following suit with a steel pipe and chain. Akabane sighed, a soft, annoyed sound.
His boots clicked softly as he stepped lightly out of the alley, cracking his knuckles before placing his hands back into his pockets. That was a waste of time...Choosing a direction at random, he began to sing softly to himself in an attempt to relieve the tedium as crows descended down upon the remains of the trash he had left behind.

"Hitotsu, hitoyo no koi naraba
Futatsu, futari de jigoku he to
Mittsu, mina no koroshitemo
Yottsu, yomi he no michi-shirube
Itsutsu, ikusa no chi no ame no
Muttsu, mukuro to kawarya senu
Nanatsu, namida no kare hate te
Yattsu, yami yo ga tokete yuku..."
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